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Immigration Matters

We offer expert assistance in a range of immigration matters, including residence and work permit applications in Finland.

International Trade

We help companies with international contracts and dispute resolution, as well as offering sound legal advice regarding international business arrangements.

Business Law

We assist with the drafting and checking of contracts and the resolution of contract disputes.

Family and Inheritance Law

We provide expert assistance in the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements, as well as advice regarding wills and inheritance.


Our experienced lawyers represent clients in a variety of disputes, whether work-related, contract-related or otherwise.


We provide legal consultation and advice on a range of issues and assist clients in drafting and checking various legal documents.
Frequently asked questions

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How long does it usually take to process legal matters?

The processing time varies depending on the case, but we do our best to resolve each case as quickly as possible. We will always keep you informed about the progress of your case.

What do I need to bring with me to the meeting with the legal office?

It is a good idea to bring any relevant documents relating to your case so that we can review them together.

How often do I need to contact my law firm?

We have an obligation to contact clients whenever there is something relevant to their case to pass on, e.g., when a decision has been made, further information is required, or any other relevant matter needs to be addressed. We are, of course, at your disposal – you can contact us with questions as and when they arise.

Can I trust your law firm to keep my case confidential?

Yes – we have a professional duty to keep our conversations with clients confidential. We are fully compliant with Finnish and European codes of conduct for lawyers regarding duty of confidentiality.

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